scarycarrey (scarycarrey) wrote,

*Gets ready for BIG DATE*

*One last look in the bathroom mirror at Nan's before making appearance*...Armani Suit...check. Shiny hair...chhhhheck. Wad of cash to look impressive...double check. Leopard print underwear...done. Allright tiger...let's knock 'em dead.

*walks into main area of the Sushi bar*
*looks around* pink tie. I'll just sit at the bar and have a beer. I need to relax. What the hell am I doing? Am I gay? I mean, I like girls still, but this guy sounds really cool. Like, REALLY cool. Relax, Jim. Relax. You don't have to commit to anything yet. Just take it easy.

*orders Johnny Walker red with a splash of soda*
*positions himself on the bar stool coyly, scanning the crowd for a pink tie*
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