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scarycarrey's Journal

17 January

*laughs at your stupidity*
*and loudly*
*and for a long time*
*and makes fists that clench tightly in the air*
*calms face*

I'm Jim Carrey.

(not really)

The journal is produced and written by fans and is meant for entertainment purposes only. The thoughts contained in the journal are not those of the celebrity, nor are they meant to represent the actual thoughts, actions, lifestyle or image of the celebrity. They are a fictional interpretation and not meant in any way to be an accurate depiction. They are absolutely false and based on a public image, and are not meant to reflect the person's private life. No harm, misrepresentation, libel, malice or copyright infringement is intended. At no time is this meant to be construed as reality. We have no idea what we're talking about. We have no connections to the celebrity. We have no inside knowledge. This is a fairy tale. A fantastical, cracked out fairy tale. Except for the unicorns. They are real. Your mother lied to you.

We believe that these journals are in no way libellous as there is no malicious intent, and no intent to misinform fellow roleplayers or anyone who may read the journal. We also believe that this constitutes "fair use" under section 107 of the US Copyright Law. These journals are nonprofit and meant as a commentary on a public image and not meant to use that public image for any personal gain.

We do not make any money off this. We don't even make cookies over this. But we do make sweet, sweet love over- okay, I'll stop.

Please do not contact us asking if we are the real celebrity. Each participant will direct you back to this page.

Also know that these journals may contain adult content. We suggest you be 18 or at the age of legal consent in your state to read them. If you're going to join the RPG, be mindful of the fact that the OOC comm contains adult content and it is not recommended for underage (17) participants. More info and more crack, come to a_list_celebs
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